Health and Safety Appointments Pack

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This comprehensive HSE Appointments pack consists of eighty two (82), ISO 45001 standards compliant Appointments, as well as being legally compliant to the SA legislation.

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This comprehensive HSE Appointments pack consists of eighty two (82), ISO 45001 standards compliant Appointments, as well as being legally compliant to the SA legislation. This pack includes Appointments related to the Occupational Health and Safety legislation, the Environmental legislation, the Waste Management legislation, to name just a few, in the manufacturing, construction, commercial and industrial environments.  This comprehensive HSE Appointments pack includes the following:

COID Officer, DMR Machinery Operator, DMR18 Forklift Driver, DMR18 Stacker Operator, EIR9 Electrician, Emergency Assistant, Emergency Co-Ordinator, EMR10.4 PEE Inspector, ER12 Explosives Controller, Evacuation Marshal, GAR9.2 Incident Investigator, GMR2.1 General Machinery Engineer, GMR2.1 General Machinery Supervisor, GMR2.1 Structures Supervisor, GMR2.7 General Machinery Subordinate, GMR4.3 Shifts-man, GSR Hand Tools Inspector, GSR2 PPE Inspector, GSR3.4 First Aider, GSR4 Fire Fighter, GSR5 Confined Space Supervisor, GSR6 Working at Heights Supervisor, GSR8 Stacking & Storage Supervisor, GSR10 Train Operator, GSR13 Scaffold Supervisor, GSR13.a Ladder Inspector, HCS3.3 Hazardous Chemical Substances Controller, HCS10.1 Hazardous Chemical Co-Ordinator, Reg 19 Materials Hoist Operator, S8(2)(b)(c)(d) Risk Assessment Facilitator, S8(2)h Spillage Controller, S8(2)h Spillage Team Member, S8(2)i Hazardous Chemical Substances Co-Ordinator, S8(2)i Supervisor, S16.2 – Ass to CEO & Permits, S16.2 Assistant to CEO, S17 Health & Safety Representative, S19 Health & Safety Committee chairperson, S31 Incident Investigator, Safety Harness Inspector, Sec 8 Hand Tool Inspector, Traffic Flagman, Traffic Safety Officer.

CR5.1(k) Principle Contractor, CR7.1 (v) Sub-Contractor, CR8(1) Construction Manager, CR8(2) Assistant Construction Manager, CR8(8) Assistant Construction Supervisor, CR8.5 H&S Officer, CR8.7 Construction Supervisor, CR9.1 Risk Assessor, CR10.1 Fall Protection Plan Developer, CR11 Structures Supervisor, CR12 Form-Support Work Supervisor, CR13 Excavation Supervisor, CR13.1 Excavation Supervisor, CR14 Demolition Supervisor, CR16 Scaffolding Erector, CR16 Scaffolding Inspector, CR16 Scaffolding Supervisor, CR17 Suspended Platform Supervisor, CR18 Boatswain Chair Supervisor, CR19 Material Hoist Supervisor, CR20 Batch Plant Operator, CR20 Batch Plant Supervisor, CR21 Explosive Power Hand-Tool Supervisor, CR21 Explosive Power Tool Inspector, CR21 Explosive Power Tool Operator, CR22 Crane Operator, CR22 Crane Supervisor, CR23 Construction Vehicle Operator, CR23 Construction Vehicle Supervisor, CR24 Electrical Installation Supervisor, CR25 Flammable Store Supervisor, CR26 Rescue Supervisor (Water), CR27 Housekeeping Supervisor, CR28 Stacking-Storage Supervisor, CR29 Fire & Emergency Co-Ordinator, CR29 Fire Prevention Supervisor, CR29(h) Fire Equipment Inspector, CR29(i) Evacuation Controller

All documents purchased may be use multiple times but may not be resold. All documents need to be edited by the purchaser, to ensure they are company, project, or site specific as required by legislation.

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