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This Industry safety file is compiled with eight (8) years of experience of compiling Safety Files in the manufacturing, warehousing, petroleum, and telecommunications industry to mention but a few.

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This Industry safety file is compiled with eight (8) years of experience of compiling Safety Files in the manufacturing, warehousing, petroleum, and telecommunications industry to mention but a few.

This Industry Safety file has been based on companies with low to high risks environments such as working at hights, working with electricity or hot works. All baseline policies, procedures, risk assessments, etc, examples are included in the safety file. It is important to understand that all included documentation is comprehensive, and not just a skeleton document, however, according to legislation, it is the buyers responsibility to make the necessary changes to the comprehensive documents to ensure they meet legislative requirements, that being, all documentation must be company specific, site specific, and task specific.

Site Safety File Index – Industry

Organogram – Company

COID Officer, DMR Machinery Operator, DMR18 Forklift Driver, Emergency Co-Ordinator, GAR9.2 Incident Investigator, GMR2.1 General Machinery Engineer, GSR Hand Tools Inspector, GSR2 PPE Inspector, GSR3.4 First Aider, GSR4 Fire Fighter, GSR5 Confined Space Supervisor, HCS3.3 Hazardous Chemical Substances Controller, Reg 19 Materials Hoist Operator, S8(2)(b)(c)(d) Risk Assessment Facilitator, S8(2)i Hazardous Chemical Substances Co-Ordinator, S16.1 – CEO, S16.2 – Ass to CEO & Permits, S17 Health & Safety Representative, S19 Health & Safety Committee chairperson, S31 Incident Investigator

HSE Committee Meeting Minutes Template

Health, Safety and Environment Policy, Hazardous Chemical Substance Policy, Injury on Duty (IOD) Policy, Personal Protective Equipment Issue Policy, Substance Abuse Policy

COID Reporting, Air Compressor, Driver Standards, Electrical Safety, Emergency Management, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Hand tools, Hazardous Chemical Management, Heavy Lifting & Rigging, Housekeeping, Incident Reporting & Investigation, Maintenance of Tools & Equipment, Non-Conformance and Corrective Action, PPE Identification, Risk Management, Waste Management, Working at Heights – Ladder Safety

Risk Methodology and Plan, Angle Grinder, Bench and Skill saw, Compressor, Diesel Storage, Electrical, Environmental – Office, Forklift, Health, Load and offload truck, Maintenance Work, Portable Electrical Equipment and Tool, Portable Ladders, Warehousing, Welding Workshop, Working at Heights – Ladders.

Health and Safety Plan – Industrial, Emergency Management Plan, Incident Management Plan, Waste Management Plan

Policy – Hazardous Chemical Substance, Procedure – Hazardous Chemical Management, Register – Hazard Identification Control, Checklist – Hazardous Chemical Substance,

W.Cl.2 – Report of an Accident(Free), W.Cl.3 – Notice of Accident and Claim for Compensation(Free), W.CI.4 – First Medical Report in Respect of an Accident(Free), W.Cl.5 – Final or Progress Medical Report in Respect of an Accident(Free), W.Cl.6 – Resumption Report(Free), Annexure 1(Free), Incident Investigation Report – Basic, Incident Management Plan

Appointment – Emergency Assistant, Appointment – Emergency Co-Ordinator, Appointment – Evacuation Marshal, Appointment – GSR3.4 First Aider, Appointment – GSR4 Fire Fighter, Emergency Management Plan, Fire Drill Report Template, Procedure – Emergency Management, Procedure – Emergency Preparedness and Response, Register – Fire drill attendance, Register – Roll Call Evacuation.

Compressor Inspection, Fire Equipment, First Aid Box Monthly Inspection, Forklift, Generator Inspection, Grinding, Hand Tools, Hazardous Materials, Housekeeping, Industrial H&S Compliance, Ladder Inspection, PPE Inspection

Fire drill attendance Register, First Aid Kit Injury-Dressing Control Register, H&S Committee Meeting Attendance Register, Hazard Identification Control Register, Incident Control Register, Non-Conformance and Incident Consequence Register, Permit Issue Control, PPE Issue Register, Roll Call Evacuation, Toolbox Talk Register, Fire Equipment Register, Training Register.

Fire Drill Report, Incident Investigation Report, Safety Representative Weekly Report, Site Compliant Audit Checklist, Site Compliant Inspection– Industrial

Abusing your ears, Alcoholism in the workplace, Back Care, Behaviour and attitude, Dangerous Tools, Duties of Employees, Emergencies, Fire Safety, Forklift Inspections, Gas Safety, Good Health, Handling Haz Chem and Substances, Health and Safety Rep, Hearing Loss, Housekeeping, Incident and Reporting, Ladders, Machine Guards, Noise Induced Hearing Loss, Office Stress, Power Tool Safety, PPE, Slips and Trips, Stacking and Storage

Where assistance is required to ensure legislative requirements are met, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via email or telephone.

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